I am a member of the research project «'Integration' of assisted dying and palliative care». The other members are Dr Naomi Richards (head) and Professor David Clark. The research project is part of a main research project called «Global Interventions at the End of Life – social, comparative and historical analysis to promote global improvement». Led by the University of Glasgow, UK, supported by the Wellcome Trust and carried out by the Glasgow End of Life Studies Group, Dumfries Campus, which is headed by Clark who holds a Wellcome Trust Senior Investigator Award in the Medical Humanities.

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My work concerns clinical-ethical aspects of the controversial 'integration' practice – which I have previously addressed in:

the article «Palliative care ethics: the problems of combining palliation and assisted dying» in the journal Progress in Palliative Care (2013);

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the chapter «Euthanasia and palliative care» that I wrote with Swiss physician and bioethicist Georg Bosshard as co-author, in Cherny N, Fallon M, Kaasa S, Portenoy R, Currow D, eds. Oxford Textbook of Palliative Medicine. Oxford: Oxford University Press (2015; 5th ed.);

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my chapter «Caring and killing in the clinic: the argument of self-determination», in Rehmann-Sutter C, Gudat H, Ohnsorge K, eds. The Patient’s Wish to Die. Research, Ethics, and Palliative Care. Oxford: Oxford University Press (2015);

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and in my guest blog article «The EAPC on euthanasia, 2003 and 2016» (2016) at http://endoflifestudies.academicblogs.co.uk


Pågående forskning innen normativ etikk, herunder feltets relasjon til metaetikk, anvendt etikk og deskriptiv etikk. Følgende normative teorier er sentrale:

etisk egoisme
etisk intuisjonisme

Se også beskrivelsene Ethics i The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy (IEP) og Medical Ethics i MedlinePlus, National Institutes of Health, en del av U.S. Department of Health & Human Services.

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